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Eczema Wraps and Sleeves

Eczema Wraps and Sleeves

Wrap Eczema on Arms and Legs

Prevent Eczema Fares During Sports and Exercise and Under Clothing

Wear During the Day or at Night to Treat Arm and Leg Eczema

Can Be Worn Dry or Damp for Eczema Wet Wraps

AD RescueWear eczema wraps and sleeves can be worn by babies, children and adults with eczema. The can be worn under eczema pajamas or alone at night on arms and legs with eczema. These eczema bandages can also be worn during the day to protect delicate and irritated eczema on arms and legs to treat skin and prevent scratching and eczema flares. Apply these eczema sleeves damp over an eczema cream for wet wrapping eczema. These eczema wraps can also be worn dry over creams and ointments for eczema for mild to moderate eczema. The AD RescueWear sleeves are also very popular for sports and exercise to wick sweat off of skin to prevent eczema flares.

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