Wrap-E-Soothe™ Top for Eczema 4-5 year

Eczema Relief Top



The Wrap-E-Soothe Top is a Medical Garment for the Treatment of Eczema.

Our Fabric is Superior For Eczema.

Tencel® is a New Age Fiber and Revolutionary for eczema sufferers. Most eczema fabrics have chemicals and zinc weaved into their fabric to manage the growth of bacteria. Our eco-friendly fabric soothes eczema without. Tencel® is one of the softest fabrics in the world, has anti-itch properties, stays close to the skin for effective treatment and the moisture management provides a less favorable environment for bacteria to grow. Dye free. Dyes have been shown to irritate eczema especially blue and black dye.

Why Use Cotton or Synthetics When You Can Have Eczema Soothing Tencel®.

  • Long Sleeve Crew Neck Top with Fold Over Hand Covers for Easy Wet and Dry Wrap Therapy for Eczema. Fold-over Hand Covers Treat Hands and Prevents Scratching. No Need for Gloves.
  • Ultra Soft Fabric Proven Superior for Sensitive Skin and Eczema – Eco-friendly.
  • Wear Damp Under a Dry Layer for Wet Wrap Therapy to Heal the Skin Barrier, Calm the Itch and Provide More Restful Sleep. Studies Report a 75% Reduction of Symptoms in 5 Days of Treatment.
  • Excellent Worn Dry Under Clothing to Soothe and Prevent Scratching of Irritated Skin.  Keeps Messy Emollients and Medications in Place.
  • TENCEL® Fabric has Thermo-Regulating Properties – Great for Hot, Itchy Eczema and Dry Cracked Eczema.  
  • TENCEL® Moisture Management Provides a Less Favorable Environment for Bacteria to Grow. There are no Additives to Actively Reduce Bacteria Growth. 
  • Flat, Smooth Seams. Tag Sewn on Outside Prevent Irritation.
  • 94% TENCEL®/Lyocell/6% Spandex.
  • Machine Wash in a Gentle Wash Laundry Bag Inside Out to Increase Longevity of Product.

TENCEL® is an Oeko-Tex Fiber. Available in White Only. Dyes in Fabric Have Been Shown to Irritate Eczema. Zinc FREE. Made in the U.S.A.