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Kids and Children's Eczema Gloves

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Treat Hand Eczema Quickly and Easily with Super Soft Bamboo Gloves

  • TWO-HANDED RELIEF. The feather soft fabric of eczema gloves for kids and children keeps our child’s most useful instruments safe and protected. Hand discomfort is the most annoying inconvenience to going about daily life.
  • IMMEDIATELY SOOTHE IRRITATION. This bamboo fabric is commonly used for wet & dry wrap therapy to alleviate eczema discomfort immediately. When your child’s skin flares up, use these eczema gloves as a solution for the irritation.
  • WEAR UNDER REAL GLOVES. Eczema attacks stronger in the winter, but these gloves for soothing eczema gives sensitive dry skin a shield. 
  • COVER TOPICALS AND LOTIONS. The ultra soft bamboo viscose fabric is moisture-wicking and is able to be worn on top of ointments or creams. When applying topicals, wearing these gloves over them will aid their mission to relieve and protect.
  • 95% Bamboo/viscose 5% Lycra

Your hands are everyday tools, so making sure your child’s are taken care of is key to relief. Granberg eczema gloves cover their hands with a silky shield that deters eczema flare ups for kids and children. On cold winter days, dry skin is prevalent, and our eczema gloves will be able to stop the frost with a sheer layer of protection. Whether worn by themselves or under normal gloves,  the soft, eco-friendly material will become a daily solution of comfort for your child’s sensitive skin.


Price includes one pair of gloves. Available in white only. Dyes can irritate eczema and sensitive skin.

Size: 1 – 2 year

Size: 3 – 4 year

Size: 5 – 6 year

Size: 7 – 8 year

Size: 9 – 10 year


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