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Eczema Scratch Long Sleeves for Arms and Legs for Adults

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Eczema Scratch Long Sleeves Used to Treat Arm and Leg Eczema for Adults

Wear these eczema sleeves over an eczema cream such as Vanicream or Eczema Honey cream after a warm bath or shower.

Can be used for dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, dyshidrotic eczema, nummular eczema and any eczema or itchy skin.

Save your skin from annoying itching and scratching with Adult Eczema Sleeves. Cover your arms, elbows and wrists with thin, soft Tencel for sensitive skin to breathe. Visible eczema symptoms can make people self conscious, but covering them up can shield your skin and avoid any embarrassment. Using wet wrap therapy or quickly covering affected areas can bring instant relief that stays. Our eco-friendly fabric that's made in the USA is zinc and dye free, so no irritants will possibly cause skin discomfort. Take away the itch before it even begins with proactive sleeves that save your precious skin.

Why Use Cotton or Synthetics When You Have Eczema Soothing Tencel®.

Treat Eczema on Arms, Legs, Hands, Feet and Ankles in Seconds.

  • SLIDE ON SOOTHING SLEEVES. The super soft fabric of our Adult eczema sleeves calms eczema at the source. When they are on you will be able to refrain from directly itching skin, causing even more irritation. Use them for activity or even just lounging around the house.
  • QUICK ITCH RELIEF. Tencel is an eczema friendly fabric that soothes irritated skin. Wear it damp as a wet therapy wrap to cover the cactus-prick feelings when eczema flares.
  • WEAR UNDER NORMAL CLOTHING. This material is thin and breathable so you can wear these sleeves under regular clothing that usually irritates your skin. With eczema being so spontaneous, it’s smart to keep a preventive layer on at all times.
  • COVER UP OINTMENTS AND TOPICALS. The moisture-wicking material can be worn on top of lotions or creams you have to put on. Covering up those topicals you apply can help them work faster and with more power.
  • It is made to be the only Zinc-free and dye-free option of eczema clothing, out there. Wrap-E-Soothe is the leading non-toxic brand of natural topical solutions.

94% TENCEL/Lyocell/6% Spandex

Available in White Only. Dyes Have Been Shown to Irritate Eczema.

Care Instructions:

Machine Wash in a Gentle Wash Laundry Bag, Inside Out, and Lay Flat to Dry to Increase Longevity.

TENCEL™/lyocell is an Oeko-Tex Fiber.

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