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Adult Eczema Socks

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Eczema Treatment Socks for Adults

Wonderful over feet, ankle and leg eczema.

Use over Vaniply Ointment after a warm bath or shower.

Content:  85% Viscose from Organic Bamboo/ 10% Nylon / 5% Lycra

  • SOOTHE ITCHY LEGS & FEET. When your ankles become an itchy wasteland, a pair of our Eczema socks can soothe the irritation. Wear them throughout the day to prevent and calm any unplanned flare ups. 
  • QUICK ITCH RELIEF METHOD. Using Eczema socks as a therapeutic method can become your go-to relief option. Wet wrap and dry wrap therapy are two very helpful methods to stopping itch and discomfort.
  • COMFY TO WEAR UNDER REGULAR SOCKS. The Tencel material is thin and breathable, so you’re able to wear under regular socks. This will help prevent uncomfort from unfriendly sock material rubbing your eczema prone areas.
  • WEAR OVER OINTMENTS & TOPICALS. Putting on ointments or lotions wont be a problem with these Eczema socks. Cover your treated area with the socks to help topicals fully soak in and do their job.
  • APPROVED BY DERMATOLOGISTS. Our chemical-free tencel is absent of Zinc and any dyes that other eczema products use. It is approved by allergists and dermatologists to be the most effective medicine-free eczema solution.

End the unbearable itching on your feet, ankles and calves with ultra soft Eczema socks. Having a pair ready for those spontaneous flare ups could be the difference between a bad day and a great day. Avoid that apprehensive feeling of expecting irritation to come unexpectedly with a pair of thin and breathable Eczema socks. Wear them over lotions and creams to help them soak in and work at maximum efficiency. The therapeutic Tencel is a quick and easy relief option to flare ups anywhere you are.

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