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Eczema Body Suit, Big Kids 6-7 years old

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Eczema Suit (size 6-7 years) made of Tencel® for eczema wet wraps and treating eczema. 

Can also be worn dry for dry wrapping eczema.

This eczema clothing is worn over an eczema cream.

Eco-friendly Tencel Fabric is Dye and Zinc Free. 

End your child’s irritated skin with an ultra soft body suit for kids. Immediately relieve eczema flare ups that happen daily or occasionally. Your child can wear this over any topicals and lotions they put on for their skin irritation without them being affected. Eco-friendly, Tencel/Lyocell is extremely soft and effective, and is a great solution for instant relief with wet wrapping. This eczema body suit for kids is free of chemicals like Zinc and dyes, so your child’s skin can be gently protected from eczema causing agents.

Having a pair ready for those spontaneous flare ups could be the difference between a bad day and a great day. Avoid that apprehensive feeling of expecting irritation to come unexpectedly with a pair of thin and breathable Eczema socks. Wear them over lotions and creams to help them soak in and work at maximum efficiency. The therapeutic Tencel is a quick and easy relief option to flare ups anywhere you are.

Why Use Cotton, Chemicals or Zinc? The Rescue Suit for Easy and Comfortable Eczema Relief.

  • SOOTHE YOUR CHILD’S DISCOMFORT. Stop your child’s unbearable itching and irritation with our kids sized eczema relief body suit. The Tencel/Lyocell fabric is an all-over, preventive solution for eczema and sensitive skin.
  • FAST ITCH RELIEF SOLUTION. Our super soft Tencel fabric is an immediate relief option for eczema flare ups, day or night. When your child’s skin doesn’t want to cooperate, cover it up and make it go away by preventing scratching.
  • WEAR OVER TREATMENTS AND TOPICALS. Gentle on skin, the enhanced breathability and exceptional moisture management make it a less favorable environment for bacteria to grow. Wearing any topicals or ointments under the body suit will be unbothered and protected, so it can work fast.
  • NO ADDITIVES OR CHEMICALS. Our eco-friendly fabric is made with zero chemical additives. As Moms ourselves, we want to treat our child’s Eczema and sensitive skin in the gentlest way possible.
  • DERMATOLOGIST APPROVED. Our Tencel/Lyocell fabric is a proven-to-be-effective eczema relief method, recommended and approved by dermatologists and allergists. Only use the best high quality, chemical-free bodysuit for kids when soothing eczema flare ups. 

Care Instructions:

Machine Wash in a Gentle Wash Laundry Bag, Inside Out, and Lay Flat to Dry to Increase Longevity.

TENCEL™/lyocell is an Oeko-Tex Fiber.


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United States United States

Soft and stretchy. Super comfortable for my little one. If your child is allergic to polyester, especially the dress up clothes or Halloween . put this suit on under the clothes for protection. Love this!!

Tiffany S.
United States United States

So far this one is a little more thicker than the other brands we have purchased ! The gloves were a great help. The gloves are also helpful in preventing him from damaging his skin!

AD RescueWear The Rescue Suit for Eczema™ Big Kids Review
United States United States
Super helpful

Helping my scratcher to stop pulling clothes off to get to arms and legs. I think this is a bit expensive because you can buy maybe 4 cotton onesie pajamas for the price of this suit. It is still nice and it looks good and if you are considering ....try it..

AD RescueWear The Rescue Suit for Eczema™ Big Kids Review
United States United States
Rescue Suit

My son loves wearing his Rescue Suit! It really has helped the lotions and meds soak in more deeply at night. I do end up washing it in hot water though which may shorten the lifespan of the suit. If I didn't, the lotions would never wash out between wears.

AD RescueWear

Thank you for letting us know. We're so happy to hear that the suit is helping!

Suzanne R.
United States United States
Rescue Suit for Big Kids

It’s the best suit ever if your child suffers from the itching of eczema. I’m so glad this suit was available in a larger size since he loved wearing the smaller sized suit. It’s a relief for me when some comfort can be provided. The only problem with it is that I can’t get it off him!

AD RescueWear The Rescue Suit for Eczema™ Big Kids Review