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Adult Eczema Gloves

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Adult Glove Sizes

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Treat Hand Eczema Quickly and Easily with these Super Soft Dermatitis Gloves

  • RELIEF ONE HAND AT A TIME. With fabric as soft as air, Adult eczema gloves protect hands and help to prevent itching.  Discomfort in your hands is the most aggravating issue since we use them all day every day.
  • QUICKLY CALM AND SOOTHE. The eco-friendly bamboo viscose fabric is commonly used for wet wrap therapy, as well as dry wrapping, to calm eczema flare ups immediately. When your skin gets irritated, use your eczema gloves as a way to blanket the discomfort.
  • PUT ON UNDER REAL GLOVES. Eczema hits hard in the winter, and wearing these under your real gloves calms hidden dry cracked skin from harsh winter days. A cautionary layer can prevent bad eczema irritations before they start.
  • MASK TOPICALS AND LOTIONS. The viscose, bamboo fabric is moisture-wicking material and can be worn on top of ointments or creams. 
  • 95% Bamboo 5% Lycra

    Your hands are used every day, so making sure they are taken care of is key. Granberg eczema gloves will cover your hands with a silky barrier that helps eczema flare ups, instantly. When it’s a cold winter day, and dry skin comes around, breakout the eczema gloves. Stop the cold temperatures from affecting your hands and comfort. You’ll get instant relief wearing them daily, whether it's under regular gloves or by themselves. The soft bamboo material will become a necessity of comfort for your sensitive skin.

    Price includes one pair of gloves. Available in white only. Dyes can irritate eczema.


    Please note, these eczema gloves should fit snuggly.

    Measurement A: Lie the back of your palm flat, outstretch your fingers and measure from the tip of the middle finger to 2" below the base of your wrist. 

    Measurement B: Measure the width of your palm just under the base of your fingers.

    • EXTRA SMALL = A: 19cm (5.5 inches), B: 5.08cm (2 inches)
    • SMALL = A: 21cm (8.2 inches), B: 6.5cm (2.5 inches)
    • MEDIUM = A: 22cm (8.6 inches), B: 7cm (2.7 inches)
    • LARGE = A: 23cm (9 inches), B: 7.5cm (2.9 inches)
    • XLARGE= A: 24 cm (9.4 inches), B: 8cm (3.1 inches)

    If your hands measure smaller than the size small, please see our children's size bamboo gloves.




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