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About Us and Our Eczema Clothing

Wet and Dry Wrap therapy works for childhood eczema! We understand the challenges of caring for a young child with eczema. The sleepless nights, the suffering and worry – it’s still fresh in our minds.


When our son started suffering with terrible eczema at only six months old, his doctor recommended Wet and Dry Wrap therapy. This therapy worked so well we couldn't believe the difference!  But the process was cumbersome and archaic. One day while struggling to wrap him using his regular cotton clothing, tube socks and tape we knew there had to be a better way!

We designed the Wrap-E-Soothe™ Products to simplify Wet and Dry Wrap therapy and to make life “bearable” for children suffering with eczema. We considered all of the triggers in regular clothing and pajamas that irritate itchy skin and eliminated them from our products. Designed to be multi-functional, our products are perfect for Wet Wrap therapy, Dry Wrap therapy or to protect and soothe itchy skin.

The Wrap-E-Soothe™ Suit, Tops, Bottoms and Sleeves are carefully designed with the eczema child in mind and make it a snap to wrap! Regular cotton garments can become stiff, baggy and uncomfortable to put on wet. Synthetic fabrics can harbor bacteria and eczema sufferers are already at a higher risk for staph infections. Our TENCEL® fabric greatly inhibits bacteria to promote healthy skin.

All Wrap-E-Soothe™ products are made with 94% TENCEL®/lyocell, a fully sustainable fiber. For more information visit The fiber and the manufacturing process have been awarded multiple environmental awards such as Oeko-Tex Standard 100, proving the fiber is free of hazardous chemicals. The TENCEL® fiber is smoother and more breathable than cotton with excellent thermo-regulating properties making it perfect for hot itchy eczema and dry, cracked eczema. We are also proud to be the only eczema clothing company in the U.S. to be FREE of dyes, zinc and chemicals. We also work closely with the National Eczema Association and have their Seal of Acceptance.

Please check out our full line of eczema clothing, wraps, socks, gloves, sheets and skin care products specifically designed for your sensitive eczema.

You can trust your eczema and your child's eczema to the #1 Brand in the U.S. for eczema clothing and eczema relief products.

Our best to you and your family!

Beth Scott
Owner and Founder
AD RescueWear